Standard Canopy

Standard Canopy
Standard Canopy Standard Canopy

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Standard style canopies are manufactured in 600 PVC backed fabric with large zippered roll up doors on both sides of the canopy for easy access either side. These doors have attachments at the top for keeping the door up if desired. With full windows at the back and the front, and window panels either side, visibility is not impaired, and scooter lights are still visible for use at night.

The canopy is fitted by bolting the front and back brackets onto the scooter, then slotting the rest of the framework together, and laying the canopy over the framework, securing into place with velcros.

Due to the specific nature of this product and the number of different styles we have made available, please telephone for a price, with your specific model of scooter so we can quote you for the correct canopy.

Please contact us for pricing