Replacement Canopies

Replacement Canopies

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Replacement canopies in stock for immediate delivery. 

No frame is supplied with these canopies, please call us to order.
01460 67834

£280 each Plus £10 Delivery and VAT

If you are eligible for VAT relief please download, print and complete part 2 of this form and send it to us before ordering.

Atlas  Burgundy  Deluxe
Auriga  Navy  Deluxe
Borgarelli  Black  Deluxe
Breeze 4  Silver  All Window
Breeze 4  Silver  All Window
Breeze 4  Navy  Polycarbonate
Breeze 4 - 08  Burgundy  Deluxe
Breeze 4 - 08  Silver  Deluxe
Breeze 4 - 08  Silver  Polycarbonate
Breeze Midi 4  Burgundy  Standard
Cadiz  Burgundy  Standard
Cadiz  Black  All Window
Cadiz  Burgundy  Standard
Carpo 2  Black  Deluxe
Celebrity X  Bright Red  All Window
Colt Executive  Black  Deluxe
Colt Pursuit  Black  Standard
Colt Sport  Black  Standard
Comet Pro  Burgundy  Standard
CTM 740  Grey  Standard
Daytona  Black  Standard
Daytona  Anthracite  Deluxe
FR1  Black  Super Deluxe
FR1 (New)  Navy  Deluxe
Galaxy 2  Burgundy  Standard
Granada  Black  Deluxe
Grande  Burgundy  Deluxe
Ibex  Silver  All Window
Kensington Old  Burgundy  Super Deluxe
Kensington S2  Burgundy  Standard
King Cobra  Silver  Deluxe
Kymco Maxer  Black  Deluxe
Kymco Maxi  Grey  Standard
Kymco Midi  Navy  Standard
Landlex Broadway  Silver  Polycarbonate
Landranger  Anthracite  Deluxe
Legend 8  Black  Deluxe
Liberator  Burgundy  Deluxe
Mayfair 8 Deluxe  Burgundy  Deluxe
Mayfair 8 Deluxe  Burgundy  Deluxe
Meteor  Navy  Polycarbonate
Meteor  Black  Deluxe
Mystere  Silver  All Window
Mystere  Burgundy  Polycarbonate
Neo  Black  Standard
Orion Metro - no zips  Burgundy  Deluxe
Orion Pro  Burgundy  Deluxe
President (One Rehab)  Burgundy  Deluxe
Rascal 650  Royal Blue  Deluxe
Rascal 302/309  Burgundy  Polycarbonate
Regatta  Black  All Window
Regatta  Black  Standard
Regatta 6  Burgundy  Standard
Riviera 8  Navy  Deluxe
Road King  Black  Standard
Road King Deluxe  Black  Deluxe
Road King Plus  Black  Deluxe
Sovereign  Green  Standard
Sprint (New)  Black  Standard
Sprint (New)  Burgundy  Deluxe
Sprint (New)  Black  Standard
Strider ST4  Royal Blue  Deluxe
Strider ST5  White  All Window
Strider 4  Burgundy  Standard
Vantage X  Green  Deluxe
Vita 3  Silver  All Window
Vita Lite  Silver  All Window

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